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There are many ways you can help!

  • Volunteer at one of our fundraising events

  • Teach a children’s cooking class

  • Volunteer at Lawrence Fruit Tree work days

  • Host your own creative fundraiser such as a lemonade stand or dinner party

  • Volunteer in our coffee shop

  • Help us take care of Sunrise Community Garden

  • Contribute financially toward operating costs, overhead, training classes, outreach, technical assistance, materials, etc.

We offer an innovative type of programming that is driven by the community and for the community. We will implement a shared learning model that honors the community’s strengths and offers youth and others a way to take ownership of the programs. The key to our innovation is social justice: we want to make sure all voices are heard and included in every aspect of operations. And we value the important work of other community organizations.

Take Action

Help us reach our yearly giving goal!

Tell your friends and family about this exciting new organization! Or contact us to volunteer in any number of ways: fundraising, assisting with projects, donating needed items, offering services to get the site into tip top shape and much more!

Your donation allows us to run effective programming and reach more people. It also allows us to set up shop at the ideal site: the former Sunrise Garden Center!


Thank you for donating to help us continue this important work!