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Project Description


Sunrise Project provides the space for YOU to share your skills and knowledge. Our workshops draw upon the strengths of the community and each person’s valuable life experience rather than relying solely on “experts.”

You are the expert on your life and others just might want to learn from you! You may not think of yourself as a teacher or presenter, but Sunrise staff are happy to help you prepare and feel more comfortable with sharing your topic.

Workshops can be on anything connected to food, community of self-empowerment. Whether you want to teach folks how to make your grandma’s famous sweet potato pie, design a low maintenance garden, write a brilliant resume or learn about the history of activism in our city, the possibilities are endless!

Providing space for you to SHARE YOUR KNOWLEDGE with the community

Become Part of the Sunrise Project Community Educators.

Feel free to give us a call or shoot us an email if you want to chat about an idea: (785) 865-1618; melissa@sunriseprojectks.org.

Please read over our presenter policies/guidelines.