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Project Description

Lawrence Tree Project

Lawrence Fruit Tree Project (LFTP) provides a community-based solution to the growing need for access to healthy food. We  educate, assist, and inspire the public to grow, steward, and utilize perennial food plants. Our aim is to build community, increase local food security, and create direct, lasting bonds between people and their urban environment.

LFTP’s main project is Lawrence Community Orchard:

Lawrence Community Orchard is a “Free Food Park”, where anyone can pick ripe fruit. Lawrence Community Orchard (LCO) was established in the winter of 2011/2012. The land was made accessible by the City of Lawrence urban agriculture land leasing program, Common Ground. Implementation and maintenance has been possible only through the hard work of many dedicated volunteers.

LCO occupies 2/3 acre in the Burroughs Creek corridor of East Lawrence. It is currently planted with over 100 individual productive woody plants composed of  around 30 species. It also includes a fruit tree nursery, a timber frame kiosk, a rustic supply shed, botanical identification signs and a picnic table. It features many aspects of a food forest design with nitrogen fixing species and a layered productive canopy.

Lawrence Fruit Tree Project

Purpose of LCO

  • Demonstrate the efficacy of food production in public spaces utilizing perennial plants.

  • Showcase less-maintenance tree crops suitable for northeast Kansas.

  • Be a hands-on learning environment for organic orcharding.

  • Produce free, healthful food for the community.

  • Provide meaningful opportunities for neighborhood involvement.

  • Act as a replicable model for future community orchards in Lawrence.

Join Us

Join us for monthly Community Orchard Days March-November, or stop by anytime to pick the ripe fruit or just enjoy the parklike setting: 830 Garfield St. or access the Orchard from 13th and Oregon St.